We all know that if you’re going to call a tree service Albany, GA to do your tree trimming, it’s best to do it in the Fall. At Top Tree Service Company, we tell customers when is the best time to plant  trees in the Fall.

When is the Best Time to Plant Trees?

People tend to say that Spring is the best time to plant trees. Primarily, it is because Spring is the time of year when everyone is digging out from the cold and the snow, so people are focusing their attention to their landscaping. Most important, their lawns. However, most would be surprised to learn that the BEST time of year to plant trees is actually Fall. Let’s talk about why Fall is the best time to plant trees.

What Trees Need to Survive

In order for a tree to be a healthy and thriving plant, most if not all small trees need a few key things to survive. To survive, small trees primarily need:

  • Sunlight
  • Water
  • Soil

Planting Times

If you observe the landscapers planting times, notice they will plant small trees or plant Georgia evergreen shrubs almost any time of year except in the dead of winter. Trees have proven to survive being planted in not the most optimal times. Even if planted in the heat of summer, trees and shrubs bounce back.

What Are the Benefits of Planting Trees in Spring?

To be honest, trees thrive when they are planted in the spring. A major benefit to planting trees in the spring, is because it is the time of year that nurseries generally have the widest selection of trees available to purchase. Many may not realize that one of the best time to plant shrubs is in the Spring.

Best Time to Plant a Tree

Spring is also one of the best time to plant trees. This is because the small trees have time to develop roots. While we see what is happening above ground, what happens underground is most important for tree growth. For trees to be a healthy, thriving plant, they need to have an established root system.

When trees are planted in the spring, they have the time they need to develop new roots and develop a deep root system that is required for them to survive the winter.

Why You Shouldn’t Plant Trees in the Spring

Once trees are planted, they have two main jobs: grow leaves to make food for the plant throughout the summer and grow roots. For trees to accomplish both of these jobs well, they need a lot of energy and water. With an underdeveloped root system, trees will have a hard time absorbing enough water through their roots to support the growth of leaves, which helps them with respiration. That is why you might see trees lose all their leaves after planting. It makes sense that this not the best time to plant a tree.

Plant trees in the fall

Planting Trees in the Fall

While the spring might be a popular time to a plant a small tree, tree service experts often make the claim that October is the best time to plant a tree. One reason this is the case is because in the fall the trees do not have to focus on both creating food through their leaves and a developing a healthy
root system.

Developing a healthy new root system is what occurs for trees in the Fall. Because the trees have a much healthier developed root system, trees planted in the fall do not need nearly as much water as they do than if they were planted in the Spring.

Roots develop well in the cool weather of Fall, which is the second key benefit to planting trees in the fall is the temperature.

A third reason as to why the best time to plant a tree is in the fall, is tree price. Even small trees can become expensive, and if your budget is a concern, planting in the fall will be a great option. Plant availability and varieties may be decreased in some areas. There are many nurseries have plenty of tree options and will often have them available on sale.

You Should Plant Trees in the Fall

The fear of planting in the fall is the inability for the tree to have time to create a root system before the winter frost hits. When trees have been poorly cared for before purchasing and planting, this can greatly affect their survival. That’s why you have the number at Top Tree Service Company handy. With awareness and care, a tree can thrive being planted in either the spring or fall. Wherever you are, whenever you take into account your climate zone, budget, and tree availability, you will make a decision that is best for you.