There are several dangers of tree removal. It is usually the best option for sick or dead trees that are in jeopardy of toppling over. Removing dead trees is the safest and most responsible thing to do, but it can present significant risks when performed by someone without the correct training or experience. Here are three of the common risks associated with do-it-yourself tree removal attempts. DO not risk it. Let the experts perform tree removal the right way, call tree service Lilburn

Attempting Tree Removal Without Experience?

We get it. Most of us are the DYI type. There isn’t anything we can’t do when we set our minds to it right? Well… while that may be true, there are certain things that carry a high risk when mistakes are made. And we all know that “trying something for the first time” always carries with it a high risk. Tree cutting mistakes are almost always catastrophic. We’ll handle the heavy lifting for you. Contact a tree service in Lilburn GA and we’ll get you on the schedule.

The Dangers of Removing Trees Near Powerlines.

Removing trees that are near power lines always poses serious risks without implementing the proper safety precautions. If an inexperienced person cuts a tree down using improper tools and the tree falls onto a high-voltage line, there is the danger of electrocution. The tree might sever the power line completely and shut down power for the whole neighborhood. And the city utilities would most likely hold them responsible. It’s better to avoid costly mistakes by hiring a professional tree removal service.

You Need the Proper Tree Removal Tools

Tree removal requires specialized tools and safety training as laid out by OSHA and NASD.  Those who attempt tree removal services should wear head-to-toe protective gear to reduce the risk of injury. They require specific training to operate heavy-duty machinery and equipment like cranes and power saws. Have an old nasty tree stump in the yard? If you’re thinking “why get rid of tree stumps“, well here are a few reasons.

Gravity and Tree Felling

Without the correct training, trying to control how a tree or branch falls is practically impossible. Any incorrect step can result in a tree landing on someone’s house or building, a high-voltage line, or worse, on a human being or animal. To avoid trying to control gravity, always seek advice from a licensed and insured expert to deal with tree removal.

Don’t Let the Dangers of Tree Removal Stop You

If we have convinced that you that trying to perform your own tree removal is dangerous, then we’d love to help you out. Call dangerous tree removal experts Top Tree Service Company at 470-217-7517