Emergency Tree Service

One of the services that we offer at Top Tree Service Company is emergency tree removal and emergency tree services.Ā  While we always offer a 24-hour emergency tree removal service, we see a general uptick in our tree service emergency calls during the storm season. When the storm season picks up, we’ve seen that high winds, torrential rain and lightening strikes can:

  • Damage branches and throw debris around
  • Injure or break off parts of trees
  • Saturate the soil making it easy for trees to tilt, move, and uproot themselves

When Should I Call an Emergency Tree Service?

If you’ve had a tree or branch break and fall or have one that is just threatening to fall, Top Tree Service Company is here and ready to provide 24-hour emergency tree service for tree removal and trimming in order to make your property both secure and safe to walk again. After we’ve taken the time to assess your current emergency tree situation and only then, will we recommend the best course of action. Once the emergency is averted, our crews will then begin the process of clean up, tree trimming and tree repair.

Emergency Tree Services

We are dedicated to doing the utmost to ensure the safety of our customers and employees throughout a number of tree service emergencies of all kinds. Don’t just do a search for “best emergency tree services near me” to find Top Tree Service Company. Just pick up the phone and call our office at 470-217-7517