Maintaining a vibrant and healthy landscape is ideal for boosting your property’s visual appeal. Frequent tree trimming is essential for safety, as dead or weakened branches may fall onto unsuspecting people, or onto utility lines. Although all trees require maintenance, some require more trimming than others. Need a few trees trimmed? Call tree service Sandy Springs GA

What Trees Need the Most Trimming?

Fruit trees, by far, require the most maintenance. They are fast growing and can attract pests, diseases and fungus. Fruit trees are prone to various diseases as well. In addition to fruit trees, there are other trees that require regular upkeep as well. Have an out-of-control fruit tree? Call a tree service in Sandy Springs GA. Here are a few of those species;

Willow Trees

Willow trees, with their long stringy branches, supply personal privacy as well as beauty. They’re much more durable to many environmental conditions and temperature level changes as opposed to other species. Nonetheless, willows grow rapidly at approximately six feet annually. Their root system grow substantially fast as well. Because of this, they should not be planted near buildings or utility lines. Willow trees require regular trimming & maintenance. Have a willow tree in need of a professional tree service? We can help.

Maple Trees

The maple is one of the most prominent varieties throughout the United States and Canada. Maples come in a variety of species, some of which are small and attractive, others of which can be massive in size. Known for their lovely shades of color, especially in autumn, most species can be visually pleasing with the proper trimming. Maple trees need a yearly trim and thinning to maintain a desirable form is normally recommended.

Apple Trees

Apple trees, gotta love them, but they need to be trimmed each springtime. Trimming motivates new offshoots, which enables it to produce more fruit. Apple trees are likewise more at risk to insect infestations and various diseases, which can swiftly transmit to surrounding trees. Whenever an apple tree looks abnormal, schedule a tree care service inspection at the earliest time possible.

Oak Trees

Oak trees should be usually be trimmed-back every 2 to 5 years, depending upon their age. The best time to trim an oak tree is in the autumn or winter because it decreases the threat of oak wilt.

Young Tree Pruning and Clipping

As a whole, young trees must be trimmed more often than their older equivalents. This way, homeowners can ensure the tree grows into a preferable form, while additionally looking after its health and wellness.

Frequent Tree Trimming Done By Experts

There are many tree varieties that require frequent tree trimming. At Top Tree Service Company, we are tree service experts with experience dealing with fruit trees and a number of other high maintenance tree varieties. Give us a call at 470-217-7517