Tree work is an extremely hazardous occupation which requires knowledge of cutting techniques, rigging, tree physics and powerful equipment like chippers, chain saws, and cranes. It is wise to hire an expert tree service whenever you have a tree issue.  We advise this because homeowners should be cautioned about attempting any tree or branch removal themselves, or using ladders and chainsaws in a tree.

What Does a Tree Service Do?

A tree service Columbus, GA will do the following things when they come to visit your location. The expert tree service will:

  •  Assess and inspect a dead or rotted tree
  • Identify the defective structure or faulty branches
  • Determining the correct procedure needed for removal. 

The tree expert knows where and how to safely remove damaged trees from your property without causing injury to the tree service crew, your property and any surrounding property so as to limit any additional damage.

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The tree services expert is skilled at controlling where the falling tree will land to avoid houses, landscaping and other nearby trees.  The tree trimming crew should be highly trained to operate the dangerous, fast moving equipment, bucket trucks, cranes, and stump grinders in the tree service industry, to successfully get the tree work done quickly, efficiently and without any incident occurring. They are great at handling a tree emergency

tree service needs to be called for a downed tree

A Tree Service Expert Can Limit Damages

Some hazards that homeowners may not take into consideration include power lines, which can cause electrocution if accidentally touched, faulty, dull or defective chainsaws, use of ladders in a tree, and not fully understanding the weight and engineering of the tree itself.  

Always Call an Expert Tree Service

Never attempt to remove a tree or cut overhead branches yourself.  Leave it to an expert tree service to take care of any of your tree service issues. If you need an experienced tree service company, call Top Tree Service Company at 470-217-7517 or email us at