Although some people plant trees in the springtime, planting trees in the fall might be the best season of the year for tree planting. An arborist will suggest species for autumn planting for your zone, taking into consideration environmental variables coupled with the quality of your soil. If you would like help in deciding what trees to plant contact a tree service Atlanta

Why Plant Trees in the Fall?

The fall season is ideal for planting trees because the excess heat of summer is no longer a stress factor for plants. The blazing sunlight and dry weather condition can harm recently planted trees. In the fall, new roots develop well since the soil is a little more moist, and the cooler air keeps growth in check. A firmly developed root system gives a tree the structure it needs for future growth and also health and wellness.

Also, growing trees in the autumn, in contrast to the spring, permits them time to develop the toughness to handle the warmer and drier problems of summer. Many Arborists suggest planting trees roughly four to 6 weeks before the first hard frost. If you have a tree planting project and would like a specialist opinion, call a tree service in Atlanta GA. Also did you know that Top Tree Service Company also offers an affordable tree stump grinding? Fall is the perfect time to have tree stumps removed. If you’re asking yourself “why grind tree stumps?” then we have an answer.

Which Trees Produce Beautiful Fall Colors?

When deciding on what trees to grow, think about which varieties create beautiful fall colors. The leaves of several species of maples change colors. Species such as:

  • Japanese Maple
  • Red Maple    red maple tree
  • Sugar Maple

Also, trees like maples, which create complete covers, offer welcome shade in the summer. Consider growing them where they’ll shade east-facing walls in the early morning and also west-facing facades in the afternoon.

Planting Trees this Fall is Easy

Vivid trees will likewise add to your home’s visual charm. The greenish-yellow fallen leaves of sunburst honey grasshoppers are stunning as are the yellow, orange, red, and purple fallen leaves of the black tupelo. Ginkgo trees generate bright yellow shade, and sweet periodontal generate an array of fall shades. By hiring a tree service specialist for your tree planning needs, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing how your landscaping will look long into the future. Top Tree Service Company at 470-217-7517.