Unstable, dead, or dying trees are not just unsightly, they also present a high risk to individuals and structures. Even if an upcoming storm doesn’t cause a dead tree to collapse onto your house, weakened branches can cause injuries and damage. It’s always better to prepare trees for storms.  It’s one of those deals where it’s better to be proactive rather than be sorry later that you weren’t. You should schedule for the removal of that old dead tree before the big storm. Sound like you? Find a tree service Lilburn GA before it’s too late.  Below are great indications that it’s time to get a tree removed.

How to Inform You Need Immediate Tree Elimination

1. Dead Limbs are Dangerous During Storms

You can spot large, dead limbs from the ground, although it is harder in the wintertime when all the branches are bare. If a limb or section of the tree doesn’t have several leaves and also you do not see fresh buds at the end, the branch is most likely dead. Even if the tree is healthy and balanced, these dead branches can rapidly come off in the wind, so you must eliminate them today.

2. Splits, Root Decay, & Molting Trees

As a tree dies, the bark will start splitting and falling off, subjecting the trunk to rot and also insect infestation. If large sections of the bark are peeling off, the tree will probably require removal. Significant root decay in the trunk area shows that the tree is structurally unsound, potentially becoming a hazardous situation for a passerby. Don’t wait until an accident before seeking a tree service in Lilburn GA.

3. Unexpected Leaning Trees

Many trees do not spread out directly upward, however, a sudden leaning is a sign of a considerable problem. A change in orientation normally signifies an ill, weakened root system that can no longer anchor the tree into the dirt anymore. This might turn into an emergency situation in not time at all. Act now, and contact a tree service specialist.

4. A Hollow Trunk Tree

Often, when rotting sets in the trunk, it becomes hollow, leaving the outsider surface to bare the entire weight of the tree. Hollowed-out trunks are super vulnerable and can fracture, which is why it’s best to call a tree removal service at the first signs of a hollowed out tree. .

Proactive Approach in Preparing Trees for Storms

One of the number one responses we get, from homeowners who have sustained heavy damages to their home from a severe storm, is that they wished they hadn’t waited to get a tree removed. If you need expert tree service, then contact Top Tree Service Company at 470-217-7517