Trees provide beautiful colors to a residential property, as well as provide a unique aesthetic for a neighborhood’s landscape. However, there are times when having a tree in the lawn impacts your safety and the buildings surrounding it. The key is knowing when a tree’s health is in trouble. Advanced tree diseases will weaken trees to the point of where a minor storm could cause them to break. Schedule a tree removal in tree service Valdosta GA at 470-217-7517 for help with your landscape. Below are a couple of circumstances when tree removal could become a time sensitive decision.

Warning Signs that It’s Time to Take Down a Tree

Tree removal is usually a last resort, when no other safer choices are available. Dead, dying, or otherwise hazardous trees can lead to thousands of dollars in damage. The potential liability cost of personal injury outweigh any reason to delay the inevitable. Often a tree doesn’t look dangerous until after a storm or heavy snow exposes its vulnerabilities. Don’t wait until it’s too late and call a tree service in Valdosta GA for trees showing symptoms of disease or decay.

Dying or Dead Limbs

If you can visually see a tree in the yard that looks to be dying, where bark may be falling off unnaturally, that is a good time to schedule a tree health assessment. Other indications of a dying tree include mushrooms expanding at the end of the trunk, dead branches, and splits in the trunk. If you see an insect infestation around the base of the tree, schedule tree removal services so that the surrounding trees aren’t at risk. It’s imperative to spot a diseased tree in advance, before serious problems arise.

Tree Removal Safety Hazards

An infected tree threatens the entire property and also people in the vicinity. If there is a sudden change in weather conditions, such as a snowstorm or thunderstorm, the tree can tip over onto your home, creating considerable damage as well as possible injury. Tree removal, at the first signs of tree decay, may be necessary.

Structural Issues with Your Trees

When trees are planted close to property structures, their root system may grow right into the foundation. There might be unseen damage to the foundation just beneath the ground. Any underground utility lines or plumbing could be at risk. Above ground, if the branches grow-out over roofs, or near the home windows, it will provide easy entryway for various animals to climb and potentially invade your home. Another problematic circumstance would be falling leaves that fall onto the roof and gutters and rot. It’s probably a better idea to schedule a tree removal service to trim back branches near your home rather than spend hundreds of dollars year after year to have your gutters and roof cleaned.

Schedule Your Tree Removal

Dead or dying trees don’t always need to be removed, if they are located in a forested area or away from people and structures. These trees can serve as a home and refuge for woodpeckers and other wildlife. When it’s time for tree removal though, call Top Tree Service Company at 470-217-7517 for more information and to schedule tree removal.