Healthy and balanced trees in the yard offer shade and improve your lawn. Trees that are diseased, whether contaminated with bugs and dying, can endanger property structures and people. Recognizing the indications of dead or dying trees is crucial for safety. The overview listed below provides some signs that you should have an Arborist inspection for problematic trees. That’s where we come in, contact a tree service Atlanta to schedule an inspection.

Why Set Up a Tree Inspection With an Arborist?

There are many reasons that an Arborist inspection may be necessary, but two popular reasons are ;

Excess Fungal Growth on the Trees

It’s natural for some fungus to grow on tree bark, however a significant spread of fungi across large swaths of your tree can quickly become a heavy stress for trees. Mushrooms love to grow and decompose wood as a means for nutrients, so much so that left unchecked, the tree may begin decaying. Sometimes, an Arborist can take actions to isolate those dying areas and preserve the well-being of the tree. If you have excess mushrooms growing on a tree contact a tree service in Atlanta GA to schedule an inspection

A Leaning Tree

If a tree has been jeopardized by bugs or disease, or if the root system is dying, it may start to lean as the weight of its branches or strong winds push the trunk downward. In many cases, a leaning tree may be the outcome of natural changing of the dirt. The key is knowing why it is leaning. Scheduling an inspection performed by an Arborist is the best way to determine whether leaning is a risk or completely natural. While the Arborist is inspecting the trees on your property, they can also help you plan for planting trees this fall.

Signs of Tree Illness

Tree illness manifest themselves in numerous ways, however common indications consist of peeling bark, early yellowing and also browning of leaves, and also fallen leaves that exhibit mold or black fungus. Various illness call for different treatments, so an expert tree Arborist will help with that determination . If you don’t act promptly, conditions will certainly spread out, impacting other trees on your property. Top Tree Service Company at 470-217-7517