Trees add natural elegance to your property and are a terrific way to include aesthetic allure to your residence. They offer visual appeal when proper tree care maintenance is applied. We do this with proper tree trimming and tree pruning. If your trees are losing their appeal because of overgrowth or dying branches, we’d love to help. Contact a tree service Johns Creek GA by calling Top Tree Service Company at 470-217-7517.

What Is Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning?

Here is the guide to tree trimming and tree pruning in a nutshell. Pruning¬†assists in the tree’s health, while tree trimming helps keep the growth under control. With tree pruning a , the aim is to eliminate unhealthy portions, so the tree can continue to experience healthy growth. This includes removing dead, infected, or unhealthy branches and leaves. Does this sound like a service you need? Contact a tree service in Johns Creek GA.

Need Tree Trimming? Call 470-217-7517

In trimming a tree, the goal may be to tailor the form of the tree. As an example, you may want to trim branches that are hanging low over public walkways. Likewise, you may want to trim much heavier branches that are growing too close to your home. Arborists will trim and prune trees and also bushes to ensure that the autumn leaves form distinct patterns or shapes. Read “Reasons to Trim your Tree” for more information.

Trimming and Pruning. Beneficial?

For total tree care, both tree pruning and tree trimming are beneficial for the tree’s health and visual aesthetic. When tree branches are permitted to become disorderly, the branches of a tree can come to be a nuisance. Depending on the type of tree, thick branches can attract a lot more pests and possibly damage your home.

Proper Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning is Necessary

Now that you know the differences between tree trimming and tree pruning and why each are necessary, consider having us inspect your trees today. Give Top Tree Service Company  a call at 470-217-7517.