Keeping trees healthy looking and maintaining an appeal is an going process. Here are few things involved; understanding when a tree needs trimming, prune and remove branches are a few routine undertakings. Beyond minor tasks such as small low-hanging branches, most tree care should be performed by expert Arborists. Here are 3 indications that it’s probably time to hire a tree care specialist. If you observe one of your trees having an issue, please contact a tree service Decatur GA.

Indicators When Trees Need Trimming

Tree branch breakages can happen suddenly and unpredictably. Many unfortunate circumstances can be prevented by observing key indicators and being proactive with a good conservation plan. If you haven’t had an inspection in some while, now is probably a good time to inspect trees for potential problems. An inspection is highly recommended before summer’s storms and before heavy winter snowfall. If you notice any of the signs associated with weakened branches, contact a tree service in Decatur GA immediately. Do not try climbing a tree yourself as most tree trimming jobs are unsafe, and it’s not recommended that a homeowner attempt to perform trimming for larger & higher branches.

A Rise in Unwelcome Vermin

Disorderly tree growth on your property can increase the maintenance workload. Thinning out the number of trees on your property can make leaf removal less of a headache during the autumn season. Chaotic tree growth is actually a natural behavior but it also produces an environment for wild animals. It can also attracted unwanted animals that can wreak havoc on your lawn. While a squirrel or two can be a welcome view, an infestation of rodents is probably not what you want. Hiring a tree service professional now instead of later will help ensure that your trees remain thinned out which will discourage a plot by hairy little pests to take over. This is probably why tree trimming important.

Dangerous Leaning Trees and Overhangs

A leaning tree in your lawn may be a cause for concern, depending on why it’s leaning. In some cases, a learning tree may indicate a failing root system on one side or a weakened base structure. Most leaning trees are susceptible to , strong winds and they may uproot in a severe thunderstorm or tornado. If you have any significantly leaning trees near your home or business, addressing them now will prevent unexpected damages that may arise if one should fall onto a nearby structure. Removing a learning tree may even lower your insurance premiums.

Far Too Many Small Branches

Perhaps you may have noticed that a tree in your yard has actually began to break or sway heavily during a windy day. This can occur when there are far too many smaller branches that act as wind resistance. These little branches tend to end up all over your yard after a torrential rainstorm but they are also primarily responsible for larger branch breakage as well. Keeping smaller branches trimmed back by tree service will reduce yard cleanup and will help your tree remain healthy. Need a tree service soon? Call Top Tree Service Company at 470-217-7517