The leaves are changing and temperature is dropping, which means it’s fall! For many homeowners, this means raking up a never ending sea of leaves but did you know that much like the leaves on the ground your tree needs cleaning as well? Trimming your trees, or pruning, is removing branches from a tree to ensure its longevity. While we offer tree service Albany. Georgia, we also understand that good tree care is just as important as removing dead or dying trees from your property. We hope this guide will provide you with some useful information about tree trimming care.

Why Is Trimming Your Trees Important?

The three main reasons why trimming your trees are for safety, health, and aesthetic after the best time to plant trees. First is safety. You’ve seen on the news about branches breaking off a tree and smashing a car or crashing into a bedroom. While that should be kept in mind, also keep in mind that a low-hanging branch could easily pose a hazard to anyone running or walking near the tree. Second is health. A diseased branch can very easily spread to your entire tree and kill it. By cutting diseased, withered, or broken branches you’re helping the health of your tree and not hurting it. Third is aesthetic. If you planted a tree in your yard, you want it to look nice. If the branches are spreading everywhere and blocking the view of your yard or is negatively affecting your yard, a trim needs to be done.

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How Often Should You Trim Your Tree?

All trees grow differently and depending on what type of tree you have and what you want it to do, your trimming schedule will vary. Fruit trees need a yearly trimming to ensure proper fruit growth, while ornamental oak trees can go up to five years without a trim. On average, a young tree will need trimming every two to three years while older trees will need their trim every three to five years. Trimming your tree during the winter, when its growth is dormant, is the best option for promoting proper growth. It’s recommended that you avoid trimming in fall as that may spread fungal spores into your tree and cause damage. However, if you notice diseased or broken branches trim them off as soon as possible.

How Do You Safely Trim Your Tree?

Trimming your tree can be a dangerous task if you’re not careful. When trimming your tree, always cut the branches away from yourself. Use gloves and protective eye wear to avoid splinters. When it comes to small, thinner branches trimming by yourself is perfectly fine but if you have much larger branches or branches that are higher on the tree you are much better off calling a tree service company. Removing large or far-reaching branches can be dangerous so best leave it to the professionals.

Tree Trimming is Important

Tree trimming is important for the growth and development of your trees. It’s not a task that has to be done every year unless specified by the species of tree, but one that if ignored can lead to problems years later. It’s cheaper and easier to trim a sick branch than remove a dead tree. Top Tree Service Company at 470-217-7517