Infected, damaged, and dying trees are significant safety and security threats. In a damaged state, branches might break off, and the trunk might topple onto any nearby structures. When you call a tree service technician to get rid of the problematic tree, make sure they remove the stump along with it. If you are dealing with a problematic tree stump, call a tree service Lilburn for more information.

Why You Need to Get Rid of Tree Stumps in Your Yard

Let’s be real, some tree stumps, depending on the height, may be useful for art or some other yard decoration. We’re not talking about those kinds in this article. We’re discussing those ugly low to the ground rotting stumps that are what you consider an eyesore. If you have an eyesore stump that you’d love to get rid of, we’ve got you covered… call a tree service in Lilburn GA. Here are a few good reasons to remove those problematic stumps;

Prevent Vermin & Critters Living Inside of Stumps

A decomposing stump will bring in wood-boring bugs to your backyard, consisting of termites and ants. These pests can make the short journey right into the house, getting in through crevices in the home siding or gaps in the window and door frames. Especially as the colder season sets in, and many varieties of bugs can sense heat and will look to find shelter.

Preserve Visual Charm by Removing Stumps

Decaying tree stumps in the yard are counterproductive to maintaining a healthy lawn. Aside from attracting a wide variety of bugs and rodents, they also make the yard look unkept. We can help remove that ugly old stump for you, call Top Tree Service Company for an estimate.

Remove Hazards Caused by Stumps

Low to the ground tree stumps are like a tripping magnet right? A passerby may not be paying attention and trip and fall over the practically hidden stump. As the homeowner, and how people sue over everything this day and age, you’ll probably end up being held responsible for it. Working with a tree service specialist for stump removal makes sense. If you have old dead trees near a building, you should prepare trees for storms.

Schedule an Appointment for Stump Removal

It’s always a better idea to take care of problematic tree stumps sooner rather than later. Let us help you regain control back over your yard. Call Top Tree Service Company at 470-217-7517